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Dear visitors,

We are glad for your interest to learn about the services of CBC Romania and we wish you find exactly what you want.

We all know how important experience is in each of the fields we work in and the passion that makes things work. Besides all this, we need the know-how allowing us a very clear differentiation from others suppliers in our market. Besides the experience of over 15 years, the passion and dedication with which we are involved in everything we do, CBC Romania has purchased consulting methodologies able to help us to be at least 5 years before the industry and this gives us certainty.

Each business line is constructed so as to have a concrete methodology, mechanisms capable of transforming all the concepts and deliverables into tangible results for our clients and a functional license adapted for the market in Romania. The methodologies must be protected and recorded for the protection of information and know-how, something already done since 2006.

Regarding our success and our programs we have references that if pursued, will be easy to make the difference between us and the rest of the market.

We wish you all the best in your endeavors!

CBC Romania’ Expertise

Training Integrat Transformational®
Reprezinta cea mai noua si mai performanta metoda de transformare organizationala si consta intr-o combinatie de training specializat si consultanta in generarea ...
Business & Leadership Coaching
Being a professional and responsible Business Coach means much more than just graduating a coaching school…
Thorough assessment
An effective program of thorough assessment of employees with the purpose of completely scanning the manager’s real development potential….
Specialized recruitment
Specialised recruitment is not a “cheap toy” at the hands of a recruiter without experience and who doesn’t have a recruitment methodology….
Transformational Consultancy
Is a systemic process through which the consultancy methodology needed for reorganizing, development and consolidation of a business, is transferred…