Programs/Integrated Transformational Training®

It represents the newest and most efficient organizational transformation method and is used only by consulting companies in business management and consists of methodology transfer to the top management of a company.
The programs are based on a combination of training and consultancy specialized in the generation and implementation of more than 40 organizational projects.
The projects generated by programs are based on methodologies, models and tools, specialized software, diagnostics and auditing, change management mechanisms and complete deliverables.

Top & Executive Management
Programul asigura toata metodologia de consultanta in reorganizarea, dezvoltarea si consolidarea unei afaceri...
Middle & Talents Management
The program assures the complete equipment of a manager with all the necessary competencies in managing the performance of a team..
Sales Force Management
Programul asigura transferul tuturor competentelor, mecanismelor si livrabilelor necesare realizarii obiectivelor de vanzari ale companiei...
Consultanta in Reorganizarea Companiei
Programul asigura toata metodologia necesara unui proces de consultanta intern ...
GM Masterclass Academy
Metodologie la cheie care sa ne permita reorganizarea, dezvoltarea si consolidarea unei companii......
Business Coaching Academy
Full methodology for the reconstruction, development and mental state balancing of a leader..
GM Sales Academy
Programul asigura transferul unei metodologii complete de reorganizare a unui departament de vanzari la cele mai inalte standarde...
Executive Marketing Academy
Programul este format din sase module profesionale si are in componenta o metodologie completa de consultanta ....
Talent Management Academy
Program which fully equips with all the necessary competencies for leading a team....
Professional recruitment systems
Full methodology for lie detection and decoding in the recruitment and selection processes..
Professional assessment systems
Full methodology for creating and implementing a professional employee performance evaluation system..
Sales Force Academy
Program which fully equips a salesman with all the competencies necessary for planning and realizing assigned targets..
Uzante de comunicare in Business
Program complet pentru insusirea uzantelor in comunicarea de business......